5 Big Lies Being Spread About the New GLP-1 Medicines That Revolutionized The Multi-Billion-Dollar Weight-Loss Industry

Chances are you’ve heard of GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1 hormones) and reports in the media of people losing massive amounts of weight on this new class of medications with no dieting, no hunger and no exercise.

If you’ve been thinking of getting on it and you’re hoping this is the big solution to your weight problems… I have good news and bad news.

FIRST THE POSITIVES: GLP-1s are, by all medical accounts, a legitimate and powerful weight-loss breakthrough. They have been extensively studied by medical researchers over the last few years.

THE BAD NEWS: Even with GLP-1s, you can be blindsided by unscrupulous players in this industry into paying a fortune… or taking the wrong form of the drug.

Too many people fall victim to these fly-by-night companies. It has got to stop!

Here are the 5 Big Lies you must know about if you’re considering GLP-1s for you, your family or patients:

The Big Lie #1

Price Game Traps Designed to Rob You Blind

GLP-1s are sometimes sold by deceptive marketers who use questionable practices to squeeze every last dollar out of unsuspecting customers.

Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers!… Any time you see GLP-1s sold for ridiculous prices, alarm bells should start ringing in your head.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of such offers — chances are, you’re being taken for a ride. Many of them are designed to trap you into large payments on the “back-end” or get you hooked on drugs without which you just can’t keep the weight off.

In particular, watch out for these 3 tricks the scammers may try to use on you:

The “Coupon” Bait and Switch Trick

Used by Big Pharma and designed to seduce you into signing up for a coupon and then…

Don’t fall for it!

The “Not Covered by Your Insurance” Bait and Switch Trick

These tricksters know this drug is prescribed for both type-2 and weight-loss. But insurance will not cover the costs in the case of 99% of weight-loss patients – only in extreme cases.

They knowingly use this to deceive you.

After you sign-up to ‘learn more’… you get a call from a sneaky telemarketer:

“We’re sorry to inform you – but this offer is only valid for type-2 diabetics on an insurance plan, but you can still buy it with your own money at full-rate!”

The Salt-Based Knockoff

One of the more crafty ways scammers try to pull the wool over your eyes – is by selling you a cheap knockoff version of the real drug.

The real drug which has been shown to stop hunger and cause rapid weight-loss… is made as a pharmaceutical grade peptide “GLP-1 base”. This base-form of GLP-1 is the same type used in FDA-approved drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic.

The knockoff version is made with a watered down “GLP1 salt” base – which hasn’t been tested or validated by any major studies or clinical trials for weight loss.

WARNING: There are also reports of unauthorized dealers reselling GLP1 drugs meant for animals as the real thing, even though the labels state “not for human consumption.” There’s no low that these scammers won’t stoop to. Always check the label!

The Big Lie #2

PR, Clickbait and Sensational Headlines

Make no mistake – GLP1s are the biggest weight-loss breakthrough of this century.

A lot of CEOs and fat cats in the weight-loss industry aren’t happy about it.

How could they be? Their multibillion dollar machine has just been disrupted by this drug. Entire lines of weight loss products like fat burners, sauna belts, slimming creams and meal replacement shakes have become worthless overnight.

Until recently, many weight-loss clinics were dominated by doctors prescribing age-old appetite suppressants like phentermine (called ‘legalized speed’ by many), B12 shots and all kinds of ineffective meals, shakes and supplements. Many of them were charging rates upwards of $1200 a month per client. Think of what the soaring popularity of GLP-1s medicines has done to these businesses! Jenny Craig was forced to close all its stores. Weight Watchers had to revamp their entire program. Shock waves have also hit other clinics that sold body sculpting, worthless red-light therapy and other dubious treatments.

Which is why these players spent multi-millions last year on ‘Public Relations,’ another name for propaganda.

It’s their only move. They have to spread lies, speculate and get their PR cronies to discredit it in the eyes of the public. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

Here’s just 2 examples of their coordinated PR attacks from last year. In both cases, you’ll see stories concocted by their propaganda machine, since debunked by the medical community:

The “Stomach Paralysis” PR Attack:

In September 2023, there was a sudden surge of content spreading rumors about “stomach paralysis” being a side effect of GLP-1s. You may have seen some of these crazy videos on YouTube, TikTok or news sites. Of course, it was all pure hogwash, clickbait nonsense. The medical community was quick to debunk it by stating stomach paralysis is not even a recognized medical term. There is no study in any reputable medical journal that mentions it as a medical phenomenon. It is a made-up term that reeks of the kind of sensationalism only a PR firm could be capable of. There is a condition called Gastroparesis that is sometimes confused for “paralysis of the stomach” — but that’s an entirely different thing: a slowing down of the transition of food. That is not paralysis.

All GLP-1 peptides cause delayed stomach emptying. This is called appetite suppression, as the stomach lining signals the brain “I am still full, don’t eat anymore”. This is not ‘paralysis of the stomach’! Dr. Dinesh Edem, MD and adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, stated “I’ve seen zero cases of “permanent paralysis of the stomach”. Medicine doesn’t work that way.

The “Suicide Ideation” PR Attack:

Again, in November 2023, we started seeing 1000s of TikTok videos, YouTube shorts and speculative articles that appeared to come from a single coordinated source, all claiming “suicidal thoughts” as being a side-effect. This too had all the tell-tale signs of a PR firm’s work.

It was outed as a fabrication. To date, there have been ZERO confirmed reports of suicide linked to GLP-1s.

The Big Lie #3

Letting Big Pharma Mislead You Into Paying Sky-High Drug Prices

US drug companies and their buddies in the media spend $100’s of millions trying to convince you that you can’t get your needed drugs elsewhere…or at a fair rate… when nothing could be further from the truth!

Big Pharma is also notorious for using legal intimidation and frivolous lawsuits – to scare away any pharmaceutical that wants these drugs to be affordable for everybody.

Most recently, the company behind Wegovy and Ozempic filed a lawsuit against small pharmaceuticals claiming “Compounders were selling versions of its medicines that were never approved by the U.S. FDA”. The judge threw the case out. Dismissed, as is usual with these sorts of baseless lawsuits.

That should tell you something about how some of these multibillion dollar drug corporations operate. Like one big mafia.

Here are just some of the more insidious lies they’ve tried hard to spread…and failed… thanks to the FDA and district court judges:

Don’t fall for their tricks and lies. Here are the real facts:

Bottomline: Not only can you get safe, potent, and effective GLP-1 weight-loss medicines… you can (and should) get them at a fraction of the insane prices Big Pharma wants to charge!

The Big Lie #4

Rumors of Brick-and-Mortar Clinics Being Threatened by Online Businesses and Med Spas

Contrary to rumors, a dedicated weight-loss clinic has always been and continues to be the preferred channel for serious patients looking for GLP-1 treatment. The reason for this is simple: GLP-1 drugs are prescription-only medications in the United States, even for weight-loss patients. This means they must be prescribed by a licensed medical professional. And while it is possible to get a prescription from a doctor online and buy them from online websites – this is very risky. As with any medical treatment, most patients prefer to visit a clinic in-person, receive personalized diagnosis and regular check-ups. There is a great deal of trust that comes with a legitimate brick-and-mortar clinic, which is why fears of online businesses “taking over” are largely unfounded, at least in medical fields.

The average med spa sells Botox fillers first, dermal fillers second, chemical peels third, and medical weight loss is typically somewhere 4th or 5th on their list of services.

They’re totally unspecialized and that’s not a good look. For serious patients looking for GLP-1 treatment, a medical clinic dedicated to weight-loss, is preferred by a long mile — precisely because it is specialized, and it shows in the numbers of people we see coming to our partner clinics. Secondly, we cater to a different class of patient than that of med spas – the kind who are looking for the highest-quality medication and service and will gladly pay a competitive price for it. For these reasons, med spas are not the answer in any real sense.

The Big Lie #5

And Then There’s the Jealousy

One of the stranger “side effects” of losing weight, if you can call it that — is jealousy.

You might think we’re joking, but we’re 100% serious.

The god-awful truth as you’ll soon discover — is most people around you don’t want to see you succeed!

Some of these people could be your closest friends and family members.

Be prepared for this before starting your medication.

There will quickly come a time when you’ve lost a large number of pounds, dropped several inches off your waist, you’re wearing a new wardrobe and feeling more alive than you’ve ever felt. Not to mention that big smile on your face!

Not everyone will be happy for you.

Many will actually try to guilt-trip you into thinking you’ve committed a crime by regaining your health.

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. They will resent you for using what they deem to be an “unfair shortcut” when in fact, you have every right to take back control of your appearance and health.

This is also why many A-list celebrities don’t want to reveal they’ve lost as much as fifty to a hundred pounds or more on this new class of drugs. The Hollywood rich and successful have been using this miracle drug for years with astounding results. But they are in no hurry to disclose their secret. Especially not when they could get millions in sponsorship fees from fast food giants like McDonalds and Krispy Kreme. And they don’t want the public to think they took the easy way out and spent a fortune for their results. In reality, the nominal monthly cost our clinics charge can easily pay for itself with savings at the grocery store.

You may have read that Oprah Winfrey finally admitted to using GLP-1 medication to lose weight, despite her being on the board and owning massive amounts of Weight Watchers stock. What happened after her announcement? Within two weeks she abruptly resigned from the board and issued a statement that all her past and future earnings from Weight Watchers stock would be donated to charity!

You see, most weight-loss drugs don’t work at all. However, GLP-1s can work so fast you may be a little uncomfortable with the reaction you get from other people.

Everybody wants to lose weight but, when it happens so quickly, it can be a little unnerving.